Gilson G de Lima

Ph.D. Candidate
Research Assistant

Room: Barus & Holley 317
Phone: (401) 863-6179
Curriculum Vitae: Download


I joined the School of Engineering (as a PhD student in Electrical Engineering ) at Brown University in Fall 2009 after five years at Federal University of Ceara (Brazil), where I earned my Bachelor of Engineering in Telematics.

During my first two years at Brown, I also worked as a supplemmentary teaching assistant (STA) for the courses: ENGN 1570 Linear System Analysis (Fall 2010) and ENGN 052 Electrical Circuits and Signals (Spring 2011).

In May 2011, I received a Master of Engineering degree from Brown University. During Summer 2011, I worked at Hewlett Packard Laboratories headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. HP also sponsored the 3rd year of my PhD studies thanks to a research grant that prof. Gabriel Taubin was awarded.

In Fall 2011, I was approved in my Progress Review examinations (the first of three requisites of the PhD program). Also, I was an STA for ENGN 1570 for the second time.

In Spring 2012, I was an STA for ENGN 2520 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. In the same period, our HP research grant was renewed, guaranteeing another year of private research funding.

In Fall 2012, I was approved in my Doctoral Preliminary Exams (the second of three requisites of the PhD program), then becoming a PhD candidate. The exams comprised four areas (2 minors and 2 majors), on the same day, one after the other, mixing oral answers and blackboard solutions. The minors were: APMA 2610 Recent Applications of Probability and Statistics (Prof. Matthew Harrison) and CSCI 1230 Introduction to Computer Graphics (Prof. Andries van Dam). The majors were: ENGN 2502 3D Photography (Prof. Gabriel Taubin) and ENGN 2520 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Prof. Pedro Felzenszwalb).

Currently, my main research interest is: real-time stereo-based view synthesis for autostereoscopic rendering systems.

My advisor is Professor Gabriel Taubin (former IBM T. J. Watson Research Center employee), who is acknowledged worldwide by his contributions specially in the Geometric modeling field. Prof. Taubin is also Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications magazine.

Before Brown:

During my undergraduate period I worked part-time for a few years in an Image Processing Group (LABVIS, Brazil). I also was a computer programmer intern in an IT company (Atlanta Tecnologia de Informacao, Brazil), also part-time during five months. I did my eighth and ninth semesters in France, sponsored by a Brazilian Government scholarship (BRAFITEC) that I was awarded. During that period in Europe, I studied Electrical Engineering at INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon) in a concentration of Image and Signal Processing. After that, I was full-time engaged in the research headquarters of one of the main French companies (Renault), where I worked as an intern (BAC+5, senior year in the French system) dealing with signal processing in the Division of Acoustics.

After I earned my Bachelor of Engineering, I worked as temporary university teacher at Federal University of Ceara for a few months. During the same time, I offered consultancy to an IT research lab (GREAT, Brazil) and worked part-time in the local facilities of the Brazilian National Center of High Performance Computing. After that, by August 2009, I started working and studying at Brown University.