Eduardo Almeida

Ph.D. Candidate

Room: Barus & Holley 317
Phone: (401) 863-6179
Email: Eduardo_Almeida/at/brown/dot/edu
Curriculum Vitae: Download


UPDATE: 03/2017 - Software engineer at Google.

UPDATE: 04/2015 - Earned my Ph.D. and started working in Robotics at NASA JPL.

UPDATE: 04/2013 - A description of my JPL internship (2009) work was published on April/2013 Nasa Tech Briefs magazine 37(4) p. 65 - Building a 2.5D Digital Elevation Model From 2D Imagery.

UPDATE: Fall/2012 - Finished internship at NASA JPL working on real-time multiview stereo. The code runs on CPU/GPU via Matlab/C/OpenCL with a MEX wrapper (tested on NVIDIA and AMD cards). Received a job offer from JPL.

UPDATE: 01/2012 - Officially received the Space Act Award for technical contributions in the conduct of aeronautical activities of NASA.

UPDATE: 07/2011 - News: Brown Engineering Graduate Student Wins NASA Jenkins Fellowship.

UPDATE: 06/2011 - received the NASA Jenkins Fellowship (JPFP) award (sponsored by NASA and administered UNCFSP).


Eduardo Almeida joined the School of Engineering at Brown University in 2006 and he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in (Electrical) Engineering under the supervision of Prof. David Cooper. During the course of his graduate studies, he obtained from Brown University a dual Master of Science in Engineering and Applied Mathematics. In addition, he worked in collaboration with NASA through summer internships at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL, in Pasadena-CA) in 2009 and 2010.

Eduardo is a NASA RI-Space Grant Graduate Fellow (RISG 2009-2010), a NASA Jenkins Fellow (JPFP 2011) and a member of the IEEE. His main areas of research are computer vision, machine learning, and applied probability and statistics. His research at Brown involves probabilistic 3D scene understanding for automatic change detection from arbitrary viewpoints and under arbitrary illumination. At NASA/JPL, Eduardo worked in 2 projects: i) developing an automated 3D terrain generation process from aerial images (Summer 2009); ii) performing refinement of zoom lens camera calibration with unknown and time varying internal camera parameters using the CAHVOR camera model (Summer 2010).

Before joining Brown University, Eduardo graduated magna cum laude from Federal University of Ceara (Brazil) in 2004 with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and was a Master’s student at Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) where he took several Graduate level courses with focus on Signal Processing. At that time, Eduardo’s studies were sponsored by the Brazilian National Research Council, CNPq.

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