Sobhan, Naderi Parizi

Ph.D. Student
Research Assistant

Room: Barus & Holley 317
Phone: (773) 332-1518
Curriculum Vitae: Download


I finished my PhD at the School of Engineering in Brown University under Prof. Pedro Felzenszwalb.

Prior to this I earned:
- Bachelor's degree in "Computer Engineering" from Tehran Polytechnic (a.k.a. Amirkabir University of Technology), Tehran, Iran in 2008.
- Master's degree in "Systems, Control, and Robotics" from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) Stockholm, Sweden in 2010.
- Master's degree in "Computer Science" from University of Chicago, Chicago, USA in 2012.


Modeling and Optimization of Classifiers with Latent Variables, Advisor: P. Felzenszwalb, Brown University, USA, Jan 2016
Image Classification with Reconfigurable Spatial Structures, Advisor: P. Felzenszwalb, University of Chicago, USA, Feb 2011
Reducing Ambiguity of Local Descriptors for Visual Recognition, Advidsor: I. Laptev and A. Tavakoli, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Sep 2010


Generalized Majorization-Minimization, S. Naderi Parizi, K. He, S. Sclaroff, P. Felzenszwalb, arXiv tech report 2015
Spotlight the Negatives: A Generalized Discriminative Latent Model, H. Azizpour, M. Arefiyan, S. Naderi Parizi, S. Carlsson, BMVC 2015
Automatic Discovery and Optimization of Parts for Image Classification, S. Naderi Parizi, A. Vedaldi, A. Zisserman, P. Felzenszwalb, ICLR 2015
Reconfigurable Models for Scene Recognition, S. Naderi Parizi, J. Oberlin, P. Felzenszwalb, CVPR 2012
Improving Bag-of-Features Action Recognition with Non-local Cues, M. M. Ullah, S. Naderi Parizi, I. Laptev, BMVC 2010
Modeling Image Context using Object Centered Grids, S. Naderi Parizi, I. Laptev, A. Tavakoli, DICTA 2009
Reading Street Signs Using a Generic Structured Object Detection and Signature Recognition Approach, S. Naderi Parizi, A. Tavakoli, O. Aghazadeh, J.O. Eklundh, VISAPP 2009