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Cooper, D. B., A. Willis, S. Andrews, J. Baker, Y. Cao, D. Han, K. Kang, W. Kong, F. F. Leymarie, X. Orriols, et al., "Bayesian Pot-Assembly from Fragments as Problems in Perceptual-Grouping and Geometric-Learning", Proceedings of International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Computer Society Press, pp. 30297-30302, August 11-15, 2002.
Leymarie, F. F., D. B. Cooper, M. Joukowsky, B. B. Kimia, D. Laidlaw, D. Mumford, and E. Vote, "The SHAPE Lab: New Technology and Software for Archaeologists", CAA 2000: Computing Archaeology for Understanding the Past, Ljubljana, Slovenia, A joint conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (28th annual conference) and the Union Internationale des Sciences Prehistoriques et Protohistoriques, Commission IV, April, 2000.