Lab 1 Due: 09/14/11


White Blood Cell Image

SnowMan Image

Poor Contrast Image

Lab 2  Due: 09/21/11


Images for Lab2

Lab 3 Due: 09/28/11 


Images for Lab3

Lab 4  


Problem 2: Tracker Output Car Sequence

Problem 2: Tracker Output Cube Sequence

Images for Lab4

Lab4 - Problem 3 Data

Lab 5  

 Lab 5

Problem 1 Data - SIFT

Problem 2 Data - Bag of Words

Problem 3 Data - Template Matching

  • Submission Instructions

Please TYPE your solution (no hand-written report) and convert it to pdf format. Submission is done via email ( Your submission should include both the report and all the code and data that you use to generate the results in the report. When submitting the lab please send a zip file of everything ( matlab scripts, lab writeup, etc )  with the scheme of <last_name>_<first_initial>_En1610_Lab<lab_number>.zip.