ENGN 1610 - Image Understanding

 Instructor: Benjamin Kimia (kimia@lems.brown.edu)
Time: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 2:00 to 2:50
Place: Barus & Holley 155
TA Maruthi Narayanan (maruthi_narayanan@brown.edu)

Image processing is a technology experiencing explosive growth; it is central to medical image analysis and transmission, industrial inspection, image enhancement, indexing into pictorial and video databases, e.g. WWW, and to robotic vision, face recognition, and image compression. This senior-level undergraduate course covers theoretical underpinnings of this field and includes a series of practical MATLAB image processing projects.

This course is aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines including Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience, with some knowledge of Advanced Calculus, Fourier Series, and some MATLAB programming.

Tentative Course Outline

  • Image Fundamentals - Human Vision, Color, Sampling
  • Image Editing Algorithms - Smoothing, Enhancement, Warping
  • Image Features - Edges, Regions, Interest Points
  • Image Segmentation Algorithms
  • Optical Flow/Tracking
  • Object Detection/Recognition

Suggested Test Book