VeggieVision: a produce recognition system

TitleVeggieVision: a produce recognition system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsBolle, R. M., J. H. Connell, N. Haas, R. Mohan, and G. Taubin
Keywordsautomatic product 1D system color feature extraction image classification image colour analysis integrated scale/imaging system produce checkout process produce classification produce recognition system retail data processing stored signatures system trai

The authors present an automatic product 1D system (“VeggieVision”), intended to ease the produce checkout process. The system consists of an integrated scale and imaging system with a user-friendly interface. When a produce item is placed on the scale, an image is taken. A variety of features, color, texture (shape, density), are then extracted. These features are compared to stored “signatures” which were obtained by prior system training (either on-line or off-line). Depending on the certainty of the classification, the final decision is made either by the system or by a human from a number of choices selected by the system. Over 95% of the time, the correct produce classification is in the top four choices