Principal Text Books

  • Handbook of Medical Imaging, Sonka & Fitzpatrick
  • Physics for Medical Imaging, Farr & Allisy-Roberts
  • Foundations of Medical Imaging, Zang-Hee Cho

Other Texts and Tutorials

  • S.W. Atlas 1996, Lippincott-Raven, "MRI of the brain and the spine"
  • P.T. Callaghan, Oxford University Press, 1991, "Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance microscopy"
  • Z.H. Cho, J.P. Jones, & M. Singh "Foundations of Medical Imaging", John Wiley & Sons N.Y. 1993
  • L. Devroye, "A Probabilistic Theory of Pattern Recognition", Appl. Math, Vol. 31, Springer-Verlag, NY
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  • F.W. Wehrli, "Fast Scan Magnetic Resonance: Princeiples & Applications" Raven Press, NY  1991
  • D.D. Stark and W.G.J. Bradley, "MRI" Mosby year book, St. Louis, MO, 1992
  • J.A. Jensen, "Estimation of blood velocity using ultrasound", Cambridge University Press, NY  1996
  • H. Lee and G. Wado, "Modern Acoustic Imaging", Selected reprint series IEEE Press NY 1986
  • S. Webb, "The Physics of Medical Imaging", 1993
  • Macovski, "Medical Imaging Systems"
  • Bracewell, "The Fourier Transform"
  • Mackay, "Medical Images and Displays"
  • Young, "MRI Basic Principles"
  • Russell K. Hobbie Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology.
  • S. Webb, The Physics of Medical Imaging
  • B. Hasegawa, The Physics of Medical X-ray Imaging
  • S. Amador, Inner Vision: The Physics of Medical Technologies
  • Frederick W. Kremkau, Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Hylton B. Meire and Pat Farrant, Basic Ultrasound
  • Roger C. Sanders, Clinical Sonography
  • H. E. Johns and J. R. Cunningham, The Physics of Radiology, Charles C. Thomas (RS)
  • Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlvac and Roger Boyle, Image Processing Analysis and Machine Vision, Chapman and Hall, 1993. (AL)
  • S. Webb (Editor), Physics of Medical Imaging, Adam Hilger, 1988. (RS)
  • H. H. Barrett and W. Swindell, Radiological Imaging Vols I & II, Academic Press, 1981. (RS)
  • J. A. Sorenson and M. E. Phelps, Physics in Nuclear Medicine, Grune & Stratton, 2nd edition 1987. (IC)
  • G. B. Saha, Physics and radiobiology of Nuclear Medicine, Academic Press, 1993.
  • Rafael C. Gonzalez and Paul Wintz, Digital Imaging and Processing, Addison Wesley. (AL)
  • N. F. Kember (Editor), Medical Radiation Detectors, IOP Publishing, 1994. (RS)
  • G. Herman, Image Reconstruction from Projections, Academic Press, 1980. (RS)
  • G. F. Knoll, Radiation Detection and Measurement, John Wiley, 1979. (IC)
  • K. Kouris, N. Spyrou, and D. Jackson, Imaging with Ionising Radiations, Surrey University Press


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