ENGN 2500 - Medical Image Analysis

 Instructor: Ben Kimia (kimia@lems.brown.edu)
Time: Tuesday & Thursday 2:30 to 3:50
Place: Sayles Hall 104
TA Maruthi Narayanan (maruthi_narayanan@brown.edu)

This course is aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines including Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience as well as medical students and residents. This project-oriented course will require some knowledge of advanced calculus and Fourier series, and some programming in MATLAB. There will be visits to the Rhode Island Hospital and local companies outside class hours.

Tentative Course Outline

  • Formation of Medical Images: Physics and Reconstruction (4 weeks)
  • Filtering and Segmentation (1 week)
  • Registration and Multimodal Fusion (2 weeks)
  • Image Guided Therapy/Fusion (2 weeks)
  • Visualization and Simulation ( 1 week )
  • Morphometric measurement, functional MRI and computational atlases (2 weeks)