Build for LEMSVXL Dashboard

Linux Submission

This entry discusses how to set up a nightly build of lemsvxl. The nightly build is posted in the lems vxl dashboard.

  1. Created the following locations: /projects/dashboards/lemsvxl, /projects/dashboards/lemsvxl/src /projects/dashboards/lemsvxl/bin-nightly /projects/dashboards/lemsvxl/scripts
  2. Download lemsvxl sourcecode into /projects/dashboards/lemsvxl/src e.g svn co https://visionserver/svn/lemsvxl/trunk src
  3. Place a copy of the scripts in /projects/dashboards/lemsvxl/src/config/dashboard-scripts into /projects/dashboards/lemsvxl/scripts location
  4. Configure your scripts. lemsvxl_common.cmake contains what is common to most users. You shouldn't need to modify. Modify lemsvxl_nightly.cmake, to specify the locations of you sources and binaries. You will also specify any Cmake variable that you wish to set differently from the default. Indicate the proper name of your site.
  5. The last step is to create a cron job to run your scripts daily. This is done by placing the script in /etc/cron.daily/.
  6. To test your submission, modify lemsvxl_nightly.cmake to make the submission experimantal.  Then manually call You can look at the log specified in to see the progress. If everything went well, you should see your site submission on the dashboard website.